Altus Alliance helps take ScreenPlay’s core business Online

ScreenPlay Incorporated in Seattle has been in the business of creating and supplying video environments for large retailers for over 15 years. With the penetration of Broadband and the Internet across business and in 50% of US homes, ScreenPlay is expanding its video offerings to Online. Now more and more consumers are searching online for their entertainment needs. And, recent research has revealed that movie trailers are the #1 source of online entertainment with the majority of viewers purchasing 5+ movies, every month. In addition, Music Videos are becoming a large component of the music industry which are also becoming compelling content online.

With ScreenPlay’s extensive catalog of movie clips and music videos, Altus Alliance was able to develop a business model for the online market and drive their initial foray into this new market. After only a short period, the streaming group has achieved profitability and is supplying some of the largest brands on the Internet with movie clips and video content. Companies such as the Target, BestBuy, and Blockbuster are enhancing their retail experience and sell through by adding video to help inform the consumer before the purchase. Online entertainment sites such as Amazon’s Internet Movie Database (IMDb), MTV, VH1 and leading newspapers like NY and LA Times are each expanding their editorial and entertainment coverage with ScreenPlays video content and delivery infrastructure.


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