Mark Leslie, Founder and former CEO of Veritas, presents the Enterprise Sales Learning Curve at the Columbia Tower Club

Mark Leslie
Founder & former CEO/Chairman, Veritas

Our guest speaker, Mark Leslie, presented on “The Sales Learning Curve – Why it Always Takes Longer and Costs More” at the Columbia Tower Club on January 28. Mark, currently a professor at Stanford Business School, is working with Altus Alliance to study the stage of growth between new product release and the revenue inflection point – a critical point in the growth of any business.

About the Altus Alliance Sales Learning Curve (SLC) Practice

In 2004, Altus introduced the SLC Practice to translate the Sales Learning Curve theory, developed by Mark Leslie; former CEO of Veritas, and other colleagues at Stanford Business School, into powerful management tools.

Altus offers four SLC Services that develop an estimated SLC, manage the factors impacting the curve, and accelerate traction:

SLC Assessment
Deep dive SLC assessment and recommendations to accelerate traction. Includes executive interviews, market analysis, and dynamic modeling of SLC.

SLC Executive Workshop
One day cross functional workshop to address corporate goals relative to the business SLC. Includes prioritization of issues and development of road map.

SLC Execution
Month-to-month interim role. Engaged with client to fill key staffing gaps and needs while helping to manage SLC methodologies on an ongoing basis.

SLC Coaching
Ongoing executive level coaching. Primarily aimed at fully-staffed businesses who have adopted SLC principles and request guidance going forward.


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