Sales Learning Curve update

Given the strong feedback we received for more information on the Sales Learning Curve framework Mark Leslie presented at the Altus Alliance CEO briefing, I will provide an update periodically on the latest information regarding the Sales Learning Curve. The following are updates since that event:

  • Mark’s presentation and whitepaper was posted on this page.
  • Altus has conducted a couple SLC Assessments with clients and received very positive feedback on how they are helping focus the company’s energies towards what’s going to maximize their sales yield.
  • An article was written in the leading digital media marketing publication about the Sales Learning Curve.
  • Search engines are starting to pick up more articles and insights around the SLC. Here’s what Google, MSN and Yahoo have.
  • We are working with an institutional investor on incorporating an SLC Assessment into their due diligence process as they see how it can be a better predictor of success than what they’ve done historically. Conversely, we have a client starting their next fundraising round and they are using the SLC Assessment as a preparation tool for that process.

After the event, the quote I liked best was from a serial entrepreneur –

“I thought that the talk was nothing short of excellent. Often those things are lame-o and I will tell you that this was top 1%. Thanks again for including us. Do you have the deck? We would love to see it.”

Those types of events are a lot of work but that kind of feedback makes it worth it. We hope to do another event down the road but are focused on putting the SLC through its paces in the meantime.


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