Release: Startups Create Revenue Traction and Successful Acquisition in Today’s Volatile Economy with Altus Alliance’s Proven Sales Process Optimization (SPO) Service Altus Introduces SPO, the Firm’s Newest Practice, with ISSI Data Case Study

After a dozen successful engagements with the Sales Process Optimization practice, we formally announced the practice highlighting our success at ISSI Data. We’ll share more as our clients allow.

Here’s a copy of the release…


Seattle, Wash. – October 31, 2008 – Altus Alliance (, a Northwest-based venture consulting firm serving early-stage companies interested in maximizing their the yield out of their sales investment, today released a case study that shows how the firm’s exclusive Sales Process Optimization (SPO) has enabled early-stage companies such as Seattle-based ISSI Data to create revenue traction and acceleration for a successful exit in today’s tumultuous economy.

“Altus Alliance’s analysis allowed ISSI Data to understand our sales process at a much greater level, fit the process to our customer’s rhythm of business, and take control of our sales pipeline,” said ISSA Data CEO Charles A. Walsh. “Our rigorous application of data analysis to our daily sales process was an important selling point for the buyer who later acquired our company.”

In September 2008, Media Recovery, a leading Datacenter products and services company, acquired Altus Alliance client ISSI Data ( ISSI Data is a recognized national reseller and direct marketer of information security and storage infrastructure solutions.

The Sales Process Optimization service was developed by Altus Alliance Co–Founder Bill Lawler, a former sales organization leader with Dell and Apple, among other highly successful companies. SPO helps new or existing teams attain a highly optimized sales organization that includes best practice lead generation, sales processes, methodologies, and metrics.

“Altus Alliance understands that early stage firms with limited resources often short-cut critical sales and marketing processes, and instead proceed straight to lead qualification and an attempted close, without understanding how or why their customers buy,” said Lawler

Sales Process Optimization delivers both the guidance and execution to create the most effective sales organization and compensation models, supporting job descriptions and hiring assistance, client profiling, and more — all within a proven go-to-market strategy.

“Altus clients have already seen tremendous traction by utilizing our tools and best practices, and in this period of economic turbulence, it is more important than ever that sales execution is right on the mark,” said Altus Alliance Co-Founder Dave Jones.


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